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urban design

International Work  |  2022-2023

The goal with the proposed urban design intervention was to firstly upgrade the town of Cahersiveen’s (Located in Ireland) public & pedestrian condition which is currently dominated by vehicular traffic and large tarmac areas.


The second goal, which is more design related, is to change the all-round two way system of roads to a combined one- & two way system. This would allow larger sidewalks and cycle lanes to be integrated into the town’s urban fabric. A derelict river edge of the city also requires invigoration and by changing the direction of the roads, tourist could be led along the riverside before continuing down the main artery. The addition of parks, greenery and squares would assist as nodes in this ‘loop design’. Edges and the transition of sidewalk to road played a pivotal role in revisiting the current condition of Cahersiveen’s and proposing a design that would revitalize.

The main node within the town is a prime example of how subtle upgrades could reinvigorate the condition of the social realm.


Trees soften the edge between the sidewalk and road for pedestrians to experience a sense of safety. Parallel parking and pedestrian crossings are paved with cobblestones to create breaks in the large areas of tarmac.


A raised table is shown in yellow in front of the Carnegie building which extends the public square acros the street and slows traffic down on the most influential node of the town. Ultimately a cylce lane is introduced to minimize traffic.

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