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primitive hut 

First Year Project  |  2016

Primitive Hut - Counterpoised


For the first design project in University for the B.Arch programme, the brief entailed the exploration of the basic needs for the human and ergonomics of the body. A physical structure had to be designed and built, on a 1:1 scale for a single individual. In this design, the golden ratio was explored as a formative concept for spatial design and  eventually spilled over to inform the morphology of the shelter.


The notion of private, public and communal spaces encouraged the students to design together to create interrelatedness. The elements of nature also had to be incorporated into the design which was the first lesson regarding contextual investigation and response. Designing and physically building the ‘Hut’ served a valuable lesson in material study, time management and group work. 

There is a harmonious relationship between the stereotomic wall of the semi-public space and the ‘dynamic’ flow of the private space’s roof. The integration of this roof ties the design together by becoming a shading device, as well as the structure that is in constant tension (counterpoised).

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