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micro housing

Designed  |  2022

I am proud to announce that we placed in the Top 50 for the Impact Micro Housing International Design Competition. This is a great honour, as it was my first ever international competition in which I participated. To be the lead designer and team leader of this project has taught me a great deal in team work and the delegation thereof. I am very proud of our achievement.

Titled: “Ecoptopian in-between”

The brief challenged participants to design a prototype of a Micro Housing Unit that could be expanded to host 100 users in 32,5sqm units (hosting a family of 4 per unit)

The design had to reflect the personal needs and culture of the residential community chosen in an urban context...

The modular arrangement of micro units formed a mass that is sculpted with communal living space to create an ‘in-between’. Social cohesion is encouraged through a publicly accesible plaza and semi-private communal areas allowing moments of interaction with the passerby. Identical modular units were designed to share concrete ducts that become the main structural columns of the intervention. Placed within a grid-like structural system, the units were arranged to sculpt social spaces in-between. This grid structure acts as an ‘exoskeleton’ in which the units are placed

The notion of ecosystematic living becomes a performance in which the public can participate.

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