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fairhaven house

Designed  |  2022

Residential design located on the ‘Schapenberg Hills’ in Somerset West, South Africa. The client approached me to design a cost effective home that sits humbly on a very steep site, yet maximizes all the views overlooking the False Bay and horizons strecthing to Cape Town and Table Mountain. Challenges included a tight budget and privacy within a country estate. Furthermore, strict municiple by-laws and natural light were hurdles that informed the design.


The concept for the design entailed having a strong linear element, in the form of a concrete roof /‘spine’. This linear element includes a very thick wall which hosts all the services and becomes a membrane between the private and social living spaces of the house.


The notion of two folds coming together around two chimneys anchoring the building formed the concept for this design. A large deck overlooking the views and ocean allowed for a private courtyard for the apartment located on lower ground floor. A private outdoor lounge is also incorporated in the design with a beautiful garden for the family to enjoy lovely summer days.


Ultimately the design allows for beautiful views over the False Bay and surrounding mountain ranges, whilst having a private and ‘cozy’ social living.

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