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Roelof Uytenbogaardt 7th UDISA Memorial Lecture - Martin Kruger

2 November 2022 | Roelof Uytenbogaardt 7th UDISA Memorial Lecture

A very inspiring and insightful lecture from a pioneering South African Architect | Martin Kruger

Notes of my two cents from the reading all whilst trying to consume the knowledge being shared by Martin Kruger - not an easy feat...

Urban Design Tennants:

1 - Architecture and the City is a single construct

• Figure ground & Land use to be mingled and interwoven to establish complexities within a city

• Design a city like you would design a house

• Always link the fragment with the foot

2 - Respect for the footprints of the past

• The past is like rivers and routes we need to protect

• House is City & City is House - tree and leaf analogy

• Strip the old and scar with the new - layeredness

3 - Drawings are the alphabet that informs the design

• Drawing gives the intellectual capacity to create the design, it is the music and literature of the design

• Method of communication

4 - The diagram is the essence of the concept

• Diagrams are little poems that combine a full story

• Possibilities are explored individually, but as a greater whole

• Golden thread - the initial idea will inform the final approach, regardless!

5 - The public institutions of the city

• We create our building/city, they create us

• Urban glossary: dynamic organism, layering, generosity, identity, legibility, manners etc...

• In terms of building design - visual and interactive public fronts

6 - Vernacular preserves spirit of place/memories

• External room

• Building becomes extension of the landscape/urban fragment

7 - Typologies of permanence and the temporality in urban formations

• What kind of object is the work of architecture?

• Individual house is temporary, but housing is permanent

• Monuments are permanent

• Typologies - Bo-Kaap stoep. Street and sidewalk become the binding element

• The urban wall - balconies, interaction with passerby

8 - Architecture is another form of nature

• Bricks are the floor

• We use the stones and timber to make a city

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